Another Kidney, Another Miracle for Brixton Marshall

Another Kidney, Another Miracle for Brixton Marshall - PKG

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Mikey Marshall played basketball at Texas Tech under Coach Bobby Knight. Eileen Masias was a Telemundo weather personality. Their blended family became complete when they learned they were going to have a little boy together. But the prognosis was grim even before he was born.

Dr. Edward Yeomans explained in an earlier report, “Prune belly syndrome: Some of them die before birth. Some of them die shortly after birth.” The first procedure came 16 weeks before birth, when Dr. Yeomans inserted a long needle into Eileen’s belly to drain and shrink the baby’s oversized bladder. It was a miracle when Brixton was delivered... and began breathing. But he still had a long road ahead of him. His giant bladder had damaged some other organs. His lungs recovered. His kidneys did not.

Doctors knew that someday he would need a kidney transplant to survive.

That day finally came yesterday when Transplant Surgeons at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth decided Brixton was finally big enough to handle a kidney transplant. That new kidney came from the best match they could find, his mother, Eileen.

Mikey told us tonight he is beyond grateful to her for what Eileen has done for their son. He says, “She’s done an awesome job and she deserves all the credit in the world because without this, Brixton wouldn’t necesarily be turning that corner. It’s still a long journey that he has in front of him but with God 's presense that surrounds our family, anything is possible.”

It was a 3 hour surgery to take a kidney from eileen and 5 hours to transplant that kidney into Brixton.

Now, Eileen is recovering and Brixton’s new kidney is described as functioning well. Eileen will be released in a few days but Brixton will need to stay at that Fort Worth hospital for 6 months so doctors can monitor his recovery.

Since Mikey and Eileen have 4 other children at home in Lubbock, they will take turns driving to the metroplex to make sure one of them is with Brixton at all times.

A Go Fund Me account will be available soon to help the Marshalls with their expenses during this time.

Mikey also wanted to offer a special word of thanks for Eileen and her perseverance, as well as the hard work of health professionals who are assisting his family through this difficult time:

Another Kidney Another Miracle for Brixton Marshall

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