Comparing COVID-19 case numbers Lubbock vs. Amarillo

Comparing COVID-19 case numbers Lubbock vs. Amarillo
771 cases as of Thursday night (Source: KCBD Graphic)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In the bi-weekly virtual news conference from the city on COVID-19 Thursday morning, Mayor Dad Pope said, "Yesterday, we had 16 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in our Lubbock hospitals. That's very positive if you contrast that to Amarillo yesterday, they had 77."

So, we decided to compare our COVID-19 cases in general from Lubbock to Amarillo.

The two cities are comparable in size when you compare their counties. Lubbock County has a population of 310, 569. Amarillo stretches over Randall and Potter counties. Those two counties together have a population of 255,128..

Our total case number for COVID-19 in Lubbock today is 614. Compare that to 1,939 in the Amarillo area.

We have 209 active cases in Lubbock, compared to 1,521 active cases now in those two counties that Amarillo stretches across.

Amarillo is just two hours north of Lubbock.

The underlying message here is that we have been lucky to keep our cases on the low side in Lubbock.

However, as Texas opens up and people begin to move in and out of this area, health officials say we need to remember there are pockets of COVID-19 outbreaks all over the state.

The Texas Department of Health provides a map of Texas counties which is continuallly upated to show the number of cases in each. If you’d like to check that out before you travel, go to

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