Lubbock Economic Recovery Taskforce offers guidelines for gyms reopening

Lubbock Economic Recovery Taskforce offers guidelines for gyms reopening
City of Lubbock (Source: City of Lubbock)

LUBBOCK, Texas (News Release) - As more businesses will be allowed to reopen under Governor Greg Abbott's latest Executive Order, GA-22, the Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force (LERT) has updated guidelines on the Lubbock Safe! website.

According to GA-22, gyms may reopen Monday, May 18. Specific guidelines for gyms have been added to the Lubbock Safe! website, at

Fitness/Gym Facilities:

This category includes gyms and fitness centers (including classes), yoga, dance, and other physical recreation centers covered by the governor’s order. In addition to general health and safety guidelines, these establishments are subject to the following conditions:

 25% Occupancy limit based on the Fire Marshall rating (excluding staff)

 Recommend these businesses require their members to sign up online for classes and access to the facility to better manage occupancy and social distancing guidelines.

 Forehead temperature scan and health survey of all clients prior to their workout. Clients who answer affirmatively to any questions on the health survey or have a temperature in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit need to be sent home.

 Strongly encourage clients to practice social distancing while at the facility.

 Strongly encourage clients to wear face coverings when coming to the facility and while working out.

 Strongly encourage clients to use provided cleaning supplies to clean all equipment after each use.

 Strongly encourage at-risk clients to consider staying home.

 Hand sanitizer stations should be placed near every entrance and throughout the facility for clients to use (touchless preferred).

 Workout areas and equipment need to comply with social distancing guidelines.

 Workout areas and equipment are to be cleaned and sanitized after each client’s use by either the client or staff.

 All workout equipment and frequently touched areas should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

 Provide an ample amount of cleaning products throughout the gym or exercise facility or class for use on equipment, including dead weights.

 A designated employee (preferably a manager) should be responsible for cleaning and sanitation during each shift.

 Locker rooms and showers are to remain closed, but restrooms can remain open. Restrooms are to be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

 All swimming pools must comply with the guidelines in the Public Swimming Pool Category.

 Child care is to remain closed unless the Fitness/Gym Facility can comply with the guidelines for the Child Care Provider category.

 All food and drink areas must comply with the guidelines in the Restaurant category.

Lubbock Safe! is a voluntary certification program designed for local businesses to promote the safety of their location while giving the community and visitors the assurance that Lubbock stores, boutiques, restaurants and other businesses are exceeding the minimum state standards to reopen.

As Governor Abbott offers more guidance regarding the reopening of Texas, the Lubbock Safe! website will be updated with new information and guidelines.

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