Pediatrician Recommends Disaster Kit in Every Home

Pediatrician Recommends Disaster Kit in Every Home
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - One thing every family should learn after going through this pandemic is to plan ahead for the next disaster. That’s according to the Texas Pediatric Society which reminds us that aside from a devastating illness, we could face hurricanes, floods, flash fires and tornadoes.

Dr. Tammy Camp is a Pediatrician and Texas Tech Physician who also serves as the President of the TPS. She says right now, while families are still at home most of the time, we should take the time to plan with our kids what we would do in response to a disaster. She suggests, “You can even make a game out of it. Practice what are we going to do if we have a fire drill? Let’s drop down and cawl out and which direction would we go and where are we going to meet? Let’s go practice that. If you make a game out of it and help them understand, knowledge is power.”

She also says it’s important for every family to have a disaster kit in the home. She says, “We’ve found that really only about 62 percent of Americans have even thought about having a disaster kit, according to a disaster study that was done by FEMA.”

Dr. Camp adds that a great resource provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics is the website That’s where you’ll find a whole section on disaster preparedness with good tips on what items should be included in a disaster kit in every home.

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