Teacher at Post ISD retires after 50 years, granddaughter throws goodbye gathering

Post ISD teacher retires after 50 years

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The COVID-19 pandemic has kept schools closed, so when Suzanne Hudman was ready to retire from being a teacher at Post ISD after 50 years on the different campuses, her granddaughter wanted to make sure she was celebrated.

Some of Hudman current and former co-workers went to the mini gathering inside of Hudman’s seventh grade english classroom.

“She is so practical and logical and calm. She knows how to get along with people,” said former co-worker, Jini Smith.

Hudman worked in the elementary school and then went on to be a special education teacher in the high school for 28 years and then became the counselor there. Then, she worked in the middle, she says, for 16 or 17 years.

“I'm graduating this year so we're both kind of graduating this year,” said her granddaughter, Rachel Roberts. “She's been an inspiration to me my whole life. I want to start teaching too when I graduate.”

Hudman’s friends think she is the icing on top of the cake too..

“She taught me everything I know. It was very interesting to watch her. She taught me all of the [special education] laws, how to talk to parents,” said Wanda Osborne.

“She is so practical and logical and calm. She knows how to get along with people and she knows how to calm people down. It’s really fun to watch her talk,” said Jini Smith.

“She was a counselor. She worked out problems for me, told me to chill out about my kids. She is a jewel and I'll miss her terribly,” said Kim Greer.

It’s amazing and watching and what she’s done through the years and working with her. She could take a parent that would be enraged and about to tear someone’s head off, she would talk them aside and talk to them and she could do that with kids too when no one else could. She was very no nonsense with them and they just appreciated that,” said Jan Bartlett, who has been friends with Suzanne for more than 50 years.

Suzanne has similar feelings for her long-time friend, Jan.

“I can't leave that Jan. Her and I walked four miles a night for years and years,” said Suzanne.

Suzanne says she will miss the halls of the schools.

“I probably have known these people- not each and everyone of them- but I’ve probably known them for 50 years,” said Suzanne. “I’ll always keep Post and these people in my heart forever.”

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