Lubbock repair shops busy after large hail hits Lubbock and South Plains

Watch for scams when looking for someone to repair hail damage

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Many residents across the South Plains were hit with large hail during Wednesday night’s storms, causing damage to cars and homes. KCBD talked to several repair businesses across Lubbock to find out how busy they have been.

Paulo Periera, the owner of Hail Repair Pro, said their phones have been ringing off the hook since Wednesday night.

"Today is so crazy. My phone started ringing yesterday, since nine o'clock at night,” said Periera. He said customers have been calling his shop since six o’clock Thursday morning to see what time the shop opens to get an estimate on the damage on their vehicle.

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It’s a similar story over at the Paint Doctor’s location on North Frankford. Javier Garcia, the head estimator and operations manager, said if anyone received damage, the first thing they should do is file a claim through their insurance company. And he encourages everyone to use locally owned repair shops.

Garcia says when you use local shops, "If something does go wrong with your repair, you can go back to that shop, and they can fix it. and that does happen, unfortunately in this business, but if you use local, you're able to go back to the person that did your claim."

Mike Tomlinson with Hartman Roofing said his crew has been working since Wednesday night, after the storm hit.

“Last night was pretty hectic for us. We had a lot of calls we broken skylights. So we had all of our crews out covering skylights for folks and trying to help as many people as we could,” said Tomlinson, “into the Wee hours in the last night and early this morning we were out so it's been pretty hectic.”

Bill Todd, Office Manager at Clear Vu Auto Glass, shared advice for those who received hail damage.

“The Best thing to do right now is if you're going through insurance, go and call your insurance company. Get that wheel in motion,” said Todd, “Second thing is call and get on the list.”

Tomlinson wants to remind everyone to keep an eye out for scammers.

“If somebody’s just knocking doors, make sure they have their solicitation permit from the city, because they do background checks and everything to make sure, and go to LARCA website,” said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said it stands for “Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association” and it has a list of local contractors that are insured and licensed.

And he also encourages everyone to use locally owned companies.

“Pick somebody local that is going to be there for you after the storm, and there’s some good local contractors here in town,” said Tomlinson.

Lubbock repair shops busy after large hail hits Lubbock and South Plains

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