WATCH: Anissa Centers agrees Gen-Xers were built to handle the pandemic

WATCH: Anissa Centers agrees Gen-Xers were built to handle the pandemic
Jeff Awtrey of KLTV and KTRE

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Thursday on East Texas Now, Anissa Centers talked about how her generation can handle social distancing and the pandemic.

“One reason,” Centers said. “We’re used to being bored!”

Centers got the idea from a Paper City article written by Courtney Dabney.

Centers was joined by her co-worker, Jeff Awtrey, who talked about some of the things he did growing up to keep from getting bored.

“We used to play huge games of hide-and-seek with the neighborhood children,” Awtrey said. “And we even knew the neighborhood dogs and their names. In fact, me and my brother used to do audio recordings acting as the neighborhood dogs and we gave them all voices and their own accents.”

Dabney explains in her article that Generation-X is the first generation of latchkey children, who had to keep themselves busy while both parents were at work.

“So now I’m home with my Netflix and Disney-Plus and thousands of hours of content so I’m good being locked up in my house,” Awtrey said.

Now, you Gen-Xers, it’s your turn! We would love to share your stories of how you occupied yourself growing up and the extreme measures you took to do so. Anissa is asking for you to put your stories on video like Awtrey did, but feel free to write them up too. You can send your stories to Anissa at

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