It’s Officially a She Leading TTUHSC

It’s Officially a She Leading TTUHSC

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It was officially announced today by the Texas Tech board of regents and Chancellor Tedd Mitchell that we have a new president of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Lori Rice-Spearman not only becomes the 9th person to move into that prestigious position, but she is the first woman to serve as president in the more than 50 year history of the TTU system. She says, “We as a university are starting to see the value in having very diverse perspectives. I’m just one example of a diverse perspective coming to the table and I’m honored to serve in that role.”

Chancellor Tedd Mitchell says Dr. Rice-Spearman brings a unique perspective to the university for many reasons. For one, she is home grown. He says, “Lori is from Odessa. She’s a West Texan. So she understands everything about the needs of things going on here.”

Dr. Rice Spearman says that since this is home, she is especially proud to serve as President of a university in which she began as a student. Dr. Mitchell also complemented Dr. Rice-Spearman for her strong leadership as Interim President during a time of uncertainty when Covid 19 affected every aspect of the Health Sciences Center and its relationships with the community.

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