Lubbock Citizens unite in solidarity for Black Lives Matter demonstration

Lubbock protests racism, police brutality Sunday afternoon

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Following days of protests responding to the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis Police, members of the Lubbock community are continuing to show solidarity with demonstrators across the country.

Hundreds gathered near the Timothy Cole statue at 19th Street and University Avenue in Lubbock Sunday to take a stand, a knee and to die in for George Floyd and the issues surrounding his death.

Drone Video: Lubbock Citizens unite in solidarity for Black Lives Matter demonstration

Organizers for Sunday’s peaceful protest, Vega Von Wulf and Nanci Glitterati of Lubbock Citizens Against Police Brutality say they arranged this demonstration to give everyone a voice.

“We want to make sure everybody just has a chance at a good life and has, you know, all these principles and values that you should have as an American; because America is so great, but we don’t treat our people great,” Vega said.

As well as solidarity, Nanci says the group hopes to bring local awareness to calls for systemic change in policing: “Definitely changing the methods of how the police use force. How the laws are working, you know, how you’re going to get prosecuted because it definitely works different for different types of people.”

After attending the previous protests over the past week, Vega and Nanci say they organized this demonstration to ensure conversations on these issues will continue.

“Everybody really came together to protest and put it into this, saying we’re not going to be silenced anymore.”

But these activists took an extra step, bringing their issues directly to the Lubbock Police Department, discussing the demonstration and how it could be done peacefully; but also discussing topics of de-escalation, community engagement and more.

Vega says, “it’s not enough to talk about this event, it’s what happens after.”

The peaceful nature of this week’s demonstrations have inspired confidence and pride in the Lubbock Community’s ability to work towards solutions to these issues, and both organizers say they hope this momentum and activism isn’t lost.

“This visual is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s been activated. And we just hope to keep that momentum moving forward. Because even just over the last week, protesting things have started to change and we’re just going to keep that challenge going,” Vega says. Nanci added, “We’ve seen the community come together so much and we’ve been seeing it throughout this whole week. We’ve been so proud and so grateful for just Lubbock in general.”

As more voices continue to be raised in cities large and small all over the country, Vega and Nanci say Lubbock can be part of the change.

“Continue to support your community and be open as an ally, to listening to people of color and perspectives that aren’t your own. Because that’s the biggest thing. It’s not enough to be not racist. We need to be anti racist.”

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