Tracking COVID-19 by Race and Ethnicity

Breaking down COVID-19 statistics by race

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - New statistics from the CDC show the impact of Coronavirus may be falling disproportionately on people of color.

The Centers for Disease Control raise the possibility that perhaps not all demographics are being treated equally in our healthcare system. The Trump administration has apologized for not doing this sooner, but starting in August, along with a nasal swab, labs testing for coronavirus, everywhere must include information about that person’s race and ethnicity.

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, said, “I personally want to apologize for the inadequacy of our response.”

But here at home, Lubbock officials are keeping track of COVID cases by race and ethnicity.

Tracking Covid 19 by Race and Ethnicity
Tracking Covid 19 by Race and Ethnicity (Source: KCBD)

This graph provided by the city of Lubbock shows that so far, as of June 17, the highest number of Coronavirus cases has fallen into the Hispanic category. Whites are not far behind. A much thinner piece of the pie shows that a very small percentage of black people in Lubbock have tested positive for the virus.

The concern is that nationally, black Americans with COVID-19 are dying at nearly twice the rate of their share of the population. So the government is now on a mission to track the disparities and work for improvements.

If you’d like to know more about the government’s COVID-19 Racial Data Tracker, go to:

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