WATCH: City of Lubbock Mayor says ‘Wear your damn mask’ during news conference

City of Lubbock COVID-19 news conference - full version

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock is hosting a virtual news conference on Wednesday, June 24 at 11:30 a.m. regarding the latest information on COVID-19 in the community.

The City of Lubbock confirmed 140 new cases of Coronavirus, and 51 recoveries on Tuesday, June 24.

Topics covered during the news conference include the latest information from the Health Department, updates from the Lubbock Emergency Response Team, data analysis on COVID-19 in Lubbock, and a question and answer session with city officials.

The City of Lubbock Health Department has identified an outbreak of COVID-19 among 18-25 year olds who recently visited bars where six foot distancing between groups was not observed. The city reports 47 of the 61 new cases are between the ages of 20-29.

The total number of cases in Lubbock County is 1547: 825 active, 671 listed as recovered and 51 deaths.

During the news conference, Mayor Dan Pope answered a question about why wearing a mask in public is not mandated.

He said, “We spent time in our city council meeting both publicly and in closed session last night talking about this very topic. Our Council, I think is on the very same page all of us and that we’re not going to mandate something that is unenforceable. The governor has made it something that we cannot enforce. If we mandated mask wearing and people chose not to do that, though what would happen would be that our phone rings at City Hall and/or the police department, and things that needed to happen wouldn’t get done because we would hear people calling and tattling on their neighbors. We need people to take personal responsibility. It’s like wear your seatbelt, wear your seatbelt. Cover your face. I think that message is as simple as it can be - wear your damn mask.”

City of Lubbock COVID-19 news conference - Katherine Wells
City of Lubbock COVID-19 news conference - Dr. Ron Cook
City of Lubbock COVID-19 news conference - Dan Pope

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