Virtual campus tours bringing new experience to Texas Tech

Virtual tours bring new experience to Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - COVID-19 has changed the way people do a lot of things, including how prospective students look at universities across the nation.

Now, if a prospective student wants to tour the Texas Tech campus they have to head to the internet, not Lubbock.

Tours usually start in front of West Hall, near the campus entrance, but now there is less need for students to come to campus.

Prospective students and their parents can get a tour wherever there is an internet connection.

“Now, we’re just putting one of our students and one of our tour guides in front of that virtual platform,” Jessica Cravens, undergraduate admissions associate director of operations, said.

Her department now puts on 10 virtual campus events a week. These serve as a way to allow parents and students to chat with their guides and have any of their questions answered.

During these tours a guide speaks while a chatter answers questions in real-time.

But it’s not just tours that are happening over the internet. Workshops for prospective and admitted students are also going digital.

“All of those are live events,” Cravens said, “so none of them are recorded.”

The virtual tours are also convenient for people who live hours away, so they will continue to offered even after the pandemic

The guided tours have moved online, but people can still come and see the campus themselves. They’re just asked to wear a mask when doing so.

“Where we got the most questions about (this) were: ‘We’re actually driving through Lubbock, can we drive through campus?‘” Cravens said. “That was probably the biggest question we had and our response was, ‘absolutely.‘”

Information on campus tours can be found here: Visit Texas Tech

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