Lubbock regional monument completed, bricks still available for purchase

Regional Monument of Courage toast Thursday night

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After a shipment delay due to COVID-19, the pieces that make up the Regional Monument of Courage are now in Lubbock at Huneke Park, making the project complete.

On Thursday, Lubbockites celebrated with a toast the monument which honors 12 Medal of Honor recipients in the region, Purple Heart recipients, and Gold Star families.

This monument has been in the works for nearly four years now.

“It’s honoring and remembering our fallen soldiers who have fought for freedom and died for freedom, who have suffered tragic wounds for our freedom,” said Steve Oien, a member of the Chapter 0900 Military Order of the Purple Heart.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, friends of the monument and Chapter 0900 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart wanted to make sure local heroes were honored.

“For a purple heart recipient, recognition for the sacrifice they have made, we walk by wounded veterans everyday but don’t recognize as such... all of the way back to World War II now and all of the way up to events going on there in the desert.”

Lubbockites got to see the pillar that represents 12 medal of honor recipients with their pictures engraved included. The award is the highest honor given by the government.

A red stone on the north side of the monument represents the Purple Heart recipients- or those who are wounded in combat.

“It starts out by saying this stone is red for the blood we shed.”

The middle piece honors Gold Star families - families who maintain the legacy of a family member who died while serving. The middle cut-out on the monument represents a missing person in the group.

Charlotte Clifton got involved with the project after teaching two students at Snyder ISD who went on to join the military and ended up sacrificing their lives.

“It’s been in the works for a while and I just think it’s a great tribute to really all of our military families, people who have served in the military, people who are serving in the military. we’re just trying to put them in the spotlight.”

She hopes this can be a place for all Lubbock residents to come and learn history and honor local heroes.

“As a teacher, that’s what I would really hope comes into fruition from this... that the next generation learns the meaning of sacrifice.”

The toast was Thursday. The dedication of the monument will be in August.

If you want to purchase a brick, visit: or . You can also call Steve Oien at 707-592-4598.

Bricks are $200 and can be purchased in honor of a veteran, by a veteran, or can even just represent a non-veteran family. You do not have to be a veteran.

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