100-degree days continue Monday, Tuesday

KCBD Weather at 10 p.m. for June 28

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Drier air moved in a touch earlier than anticipated and helped get us to right at 100 degrees today. It’ll be around 100 for Monday and Tuesday as well now.

As we move closer to this next weekend and the holiday, we’re going to be looking at another ridge building in. This one will have that moisture trapped with it. The question will be, will it be enough to produce any kind of showers or storms Thursday through Saturday (the 4th)?

Right now, just judging by the time of year and how this type of ridge usually sets up, I’m going to say that we could see some isolated showers and storms. I do not see any kind of crazy severe weather, I also do not see this being a rain out of any particular day or activity right now.

These will pop up, move quick, and tend to taper off after sunset, and as I mentioned, it’ll be on the isolated side, so no chance of a drought buster as most will remain dry.

Just be mindful if outside and if we have lightning, take shelter. Especially if out on the water. Before those rain chances get here, it’s time to settle in for that triple-digit heat.

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