Summer heat, summer dust, summer smoke

Summer heat, summer dust, summer smoke
Daybreak Today - Weather, June 29 (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The overall weather pattern supports more very hot afternoons, a continuation of at least light amounts of Saharan dust, and a continuation of at least light amounts of smoke from distant wildfires. (UPDATED at 9:37 AM CDT).

It's typical of the time of year.

With yesterday’s high of 100 degrees, Lubbock has recorded five 100-Degree-Days. The hottest of those was 101° on May 1 and Jun 8. The average high for June 28 (and 29) is 92°. The June 28 record high is 108° set in 1928 and tied in 1980. Lubbock’s June 29 record high is 107° set in 1957 and tied in 2017.

Lubbock’s low reported today, so far, is 76°. That ties the warmest low temperature for any June 29 on record for Lubbock (recorded on this date in 2011).

The hottest time of year typically follows by several weeks the Summer Solstice, which occurred on June 20. At the same time, the current weather pattern will be ushering in drier air. That will result in even hotter temperatures, along with a rain-free period and little cloud cover.

Strong winds loft Saharan Desert dust and sand miles into the sky, and then west across the Atlantic, the Caribbean, into the Gulf of Mexico, and often into Texas.

Conditions in the U.S. Desert Southwest promote wildfires, including ignition, rapid spread, and difficulty in controlling. Some of the smoke rides the wind currents into our sky.

In addition, this afternoon will be mostly sunny, very hot, and breezy. Temperatures will peak in the upper 90s to near 105 degrees. Winds will range from 15 to 25 mph with gusts near 30 (25 to 35) mph.

A Fire Weather Warning* is in effect for the western Panhandle and east-central New Mexico until 8 PM CDT.

Tonight will be fair, very warm, and breezy. Lows will range from the mid-60s northwest to mid-70s east.

Tomorrow will be sunny, very hot, and breezy. Temperatures will be similar to today.

Tuesday night will be fair, very warm, and breezy. Wednesday morning lows will be slightly lower.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny and very hot. Temperatures again will range from the upper 90s to around 104 degrees. Wind speeds will be lower, ranging mostly between 10 and 20 mph.

Late week brings little heat relief, with just a little chance of rain. However, the rain chance will be slim.

* Fire Weather Warning, also called a Red Flag Warning.

Today is a NO BURN DAY due to elevated wildfire conditions. The combination of wind, dry fuels, low relative humidity, sunshine, and heat promote the ignition and rapid growth of wildfires. Activities involving open flames, including burning, or which generate sparks or extreme heat are discouraged.

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