RV trips and sales increase during pandemic, even in Lubbock

RV trips and sales increase during pandemic, even in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - According to the RV Industry Association, a study shows 46 million Americans will take an RV trip in the next year; and a general manager from Camping World in Lubbock, which sells motorhomes and RVs, says sales have exploded this summer compared to last summer.

“In June, I sold 100 and in July I’m looking to sell about 120 or 130,” said Jeff Watts, the general manager of Camping World on South Loop 289 where they sell motorhomes, RVs, and trailers.

He says normally during the summer months, he sells around 75 RVs, adding this year, people are ready to get out of their homes and travel especially after being cooped up during the pandemic.

“Well, the thing about Lubbock is A: it’s not a vacation destination necessarily. So they’re going to go somewhere. They’re going to go to Ruidoso easily, Colorado easily, the beach easily.”

Watts says the comfort of having your own clean space during the uncertainty of the pandemic is comforting for road travelers.

“It’s definitely a house on wheels. You’ve got television and satellites, queen and king size beds and isolated kitchens.”

He said Camping World all of the country sold 11,000 RVs this June, which he said is more than the company sold all last year. This year, he said they’re forecasted to sell 17,000.

Denny Bullard, a customer who recently purchased an RV, said he wanted to replace his annual sea cruise trip with another safe adventure.

“We’re looking forward to getting out and I think there is really a push for people like us for buying these campers and it puts a little more pressure on the campgrounds for people wanting to stay there.”

Denny isn’t the only new buyer who was influenced by COVID-19. According to the RV Industry Association, 51 percent of the people wanting to take an RV trip this year say they considered an RV instead of other options such as taking an airplane for health reasons during the pandemic.

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