LP&L provides tips to reduce your bill during hot summer months

LP&L provides tips to reduce your bill during hot summer months

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Matt Rose with Lubbock Power & Light knows electric bills are always highest in the summer when people use the most energy in their homes, but he says there are always ways to reduce the energy you use to keep yourself cool.

“We’re working with customers to address their individual needs as we go through a hot summer and the coronavirus,” said LP&L Spokesperson, Matt Rose.

For the past six years, LP&L says they have been lowering rates, but Rose says use of energy has a huge influence on a high bill.

This week, he predicts a record breaking use of energy. Last year on a single day in August that reached 109 degrees, 640 Megawatts was the total use of energy of everyone that uses LP&L. That’s the most energy ever used in a day.

At home, Rose says to reduce how much energy you use, start with the Air Conditioner.

He suggests turning the thermostat up six to eight degrees when you leave the house, slowly turning it down when you get home so the AC doesn’t have to work so hard, and never turn it off.

He added, change air filters, plant vegetation outside of your home to keep your house in the shade, and keep the blinds closed.

With so many homes using so much electricity, Matt says their systems are prepared and built for this kind of strain, but it always helps if customers use less energy.

"It's going to be over a 100 on a couple of days, so everybody is going to be on alert."

If you need help coming up with an individual plan to pay your bills, call LP&L at 775-2509 or go to LPL.com.

The City of Lubbock is also distributing coronavirus funds for rent and utilities. You can call Community Development at 775-2296.

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