The Mask Lesson from the Med School

Updated: Jul. 9, 2020 at 10:50 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - We are told to wear a mask. But we are also told that it can not be enforced if we don’t...

So that really makes it our decision, doesn’t it?              

A lot of people argue that a mask won’t really protect you anyway.             

So, Healthwise tonight, this advice from Dr. Steven Berk.  He is not only the Dean of the Texas Tech School of Medicine. He is also an infectious disease specialist.              

This is what he tells his students about COVID-19:  “What’s happened here which made this such a terrible infectious disease different than almost any others, is that there’s so many people walking around who don’t think they’re sick, but they can give the infection to somebody else. And that’s why we have to tell everybody you have to wear masks there’s no way around this.”             

Another common belief is that Coronavirus is simply an old person’s illness. Dr. Berk says normally, it is the holder people who become the most ill. But, young people might be surprised to find themselves in the hospital too. He says,”What is important is that of the 45 patients or so that are hospitalized. There are two or three young patients very, very ill. So it’s not like that can’t happen. It’s not like just because you’re young, you’ll never get very, very sick with this disease. It’s unlikely but there are young people in the hospital in both hospitals right now.                  

Dr. Berk adds some people think it’s protection enough to wear a mask over the mouth, but not over the nose.         

He said if you do that, you’re not protecting yourself because the virus can easily enter the body through the nose.          

Instead, he says it should fit snugly over the mouth and nose.... which may be annoying.... but he calls it a  small and temporary sacrifice to stay healthy.

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