Teeter named first female football coach in Lubbock ISD

First woman football coach in Lubbock ISD hired

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After years of civil service, and serving 10 years in the military, Felicia Teeter searched for a new career that enabled her to impact the younger generation.

“I realized that I didn’t want to be an administrator, but those coaches had such an opportunity because you had the stick but also the carrot in a way an administrator didn’t,” said Teeter. “And if I wanted to impact kids the most being a coach was the way you could really impact the most kids lives. And I knew that was what I wanted to do next and then just because of my passion for football it was natural to want to go into coaching football.”

Teeter’s passion for football became stronger when he son began playing. She started to spend even more time around the game than she did as just a normal fan. She eventually joined the Texas High School Athletic Director Association and Texas High School Coaching Association. Over the last five years she’s used those organizations and coaching clinics, paired with a year of officiating high school football to learn all she could about the game.

She said, “One thing that I just love about football so much is that it really does take the whole team to be successful. It’s not just the star quarterback. If that lineman misses an assignment, the quarterback isn’t going to be successful and the star running back isn’t going to be successful. And so I just think that’s a great life lesson to know. It matters what you’re doing and how well you’re doing it. You need to execute everything you’re doing as good as you can do it.”

When Teeter was hired to be an assistant coach at Dunbar College Preparatory Academy, she became the first woman football coach hired by Lubbock ISD.

“It’s really flattering and I’m so honored, but I also recognize you know how I do also maybe could affect the opportunity for other women behind me so you don’t want to screw it up,” said Teeter. “It makes it even more so that you want to bust your butt and do a great job so nobody regrets the decision. You know that’s just personal pressure you put in yourself cause I certainly wouldn’t want to screw it up for a younger woman that comes behind me that wants to be a football coach because you know I did something wrong. So no, it makes me want to work all that harder to do a really good job.”

When she’s not on the field coaching this year, she’ll spend her time in the classroom, teaching Government and Economics at Dunbar’s feeder school, Estacado High School.

Teeter said, “I’m going to get to coach them at middle school in football. But I’m going to be a high school Government (and) Economics teacher. So I’m really going to get to engage with these kids for six to seven years potentially.”

As of right now, there is not a football schedule posted on Dunbar’s website. However, she remains optimistic that there will be a football season this year.

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