Lubbock wedding venue adjusting schedules to cope with COVID-19

Lubbock wedding venue adjusting schedules for COVID-19

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Wedding venues all over the country have had to deal with schedules slowing down and speeding up because of COVID-19, including Spirit Ranch here in Lubbock.

Jessica Hall, the wedding coordinator at the venue, says her clients are still getting married, but numbers for future bookings could be better.

“We’ve had a lot of people get married and then plan their reception for a later date.”

Hall says most people are rescheduling or canceling their plans entirely.

“So instead of planning events, we are undoing events. We have found ourselves in an unfamiliar place of pause.”

The state of Texas is only allowing 50 percent capacity at wedding venues right now, so couples have to be more selective in who they invite to the wedding.

‘If you have to come to Lubbock from out of state or city, you have to go back and quarantine for two weeks and a lot of people cannot afford to do that, so a lot of the guest lists have organically lowered just because of the fact they cannot travel.”

Hall says not only are cancellations and rescheduling hard on the couples, it’s hard on venues across the state like at Spirit Ranch It’s their peak season for weddings and other events.

Jessica says people are also touring less because they’re staying in their homes.

But, she says they’ll work to make everyone feel as safe as possible while they try to boost business again.

“We’re spacing things out much more. We’re not able to place settings, so the formal look is kind of out right now. Cleanliness is a top priority and so is sanitizing. We’re serving the food instead to people instead of them being able to serve their own food.”

They’ll also continue to follow the state guidelines by having hand sanitizer stations, and they’ll provide masks to those who need one.

She said although they’ve received great support from the community, including at their restaurant and with their catering business, over all, things could be better.

“For now, it’s just a waiting game,” she says.

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