Frenship ISD Superintendent discusses Fall School Reopening plan

Frenship ISD Superintendent discusses Fall School Reopening plan

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Frenship ISD published their reopening guide for parents on Friday, with new guidelines for virtual and face to face instruction.

Frenship ISD Superintendent Michelle McCord said there are several major differences between virtual and in-person learning parents should consider.

Virtual learning in the fall will not be as lenient as it was in the spring. Parents are expected to dedicate several hours to help young children stay focused on their studies.

“It will be a lot more scheduled, a lot more interactive with the teacher, but I will say it will be difficult for parents of small children,” McCord said.

Virtual students will have their grades taken the same way in-person students are graded. Virtual students will have attendance taken when students log on the Schoology platform, talk to their teacher and turn in assignments.

Virtual students will not have UIL or extra curricular options, but they can talk to their counselors if this could affect their credit hours.

“The state has allowed us flexibility on substitutions. Check our course catalog and find out how you can make substitutions, so that it will not affect your graduation date,” McCord said.

Although students can switch between in-person and virtual at the end of every grading period, or six weeks, the switch can cause a schedule change.

Teachers will only teach virtual or only teach in-person. The result is that a student who switches their learning style will get new in-person teachers and could possibly have to take different classes, depending on the seats available.

“It’s not to make things more difficult for people. Its more about logistics and the resources for staffing,” McCord said.

Here are a few excerpts from their frequently asked questions:

Dropping off and picking up students


Any students dropped off before the building is open will not be allowed inside the building. Any exceptions would need to be specifically arranged with campus administration.

A student may walk to the campus’s designated holding area with two parents/guardians, only on the first day of school.

After the first day of school, parents/guardians will not be allowed to walk their student(s) into the building.

Pre-kindergarten through first grade students are an exception to this rule. A student in pre-kindergarten through first grade will be allowed to bring in two parents/guardians for the whole first week of school.

After the first week of school, no parent/guardian may walk into the school building with their student.


Parents will drive to the student’s holding area designated by the campus. Parents are encouraged to stay in the car while the student is escorted by a staff member.

Parents will not be allowed into the building after school hours.

Instructional staff including teachers, aides, and campus administration will be on duty to monitor students and the pick-up line.

Changes in the classroom

Prior to the first day of school, teachers will be required to remove items like porous material seating, decorative rugs, curtains, etc. to allow for more effective sanitizing and disinfecting of classroom areas each day.

Desks and tables will be socially distanced as much as possible. When social distancing is not possible, teachers will encourage more frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing.

Students will not be allowed to share school supplies.

Each student will have assigned seating in every class to ensure the ability to trace potential exposure.

There will be increased cleaning of high touch areas throughout the day.

Cafeteria changes

Cafeterias will be open to serve breakfast and lunch daily. Each campus cafeteria space will be evaluated to ensure social distancing when feasible. Some students will be eating in the cafeteria while other students may eat in the classroom if necessary. Safety and health measures will be adjusted based on current guidelines and conditions.

At this time, visitors are not allowed to eat with students on campus because of limited space. Visitors dropping off lunches will need to attach a student name tag with grade level and leave the lunch in the designated area at the campus.

Sanitizing buses

Buses will be thoroughly cleaned after each bus trip, focusing on high-touch surfaces such as bus seats, steering wheels, knobs, and door handles.

Cleaning and distancing in common areas

Signage reminding students and staff about social distancing, hand washing, and infection prevention will be posted throughout the school.

Elementary classrooms will be assigned specific bathrooms, breakfast, lunch, and gym access times to reduce the number of students in any given area as much as possible.

Secondary students will be encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines.

Limited recess

Elementary campuses will limit the number of students at recess at one time and create different play areas for activities to further reduce student interactions. Students and staff will be required to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands before and after recess.

STAAR/EOC tests return

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has indicated that STAAR testing will still occur during the 2020-2021 school year, in compliance with state and federal legislation.

Changing between face to face and virtual instruction

Due to the scheduling complexities inherent in these two options, parents will be asked to make a commitment for at least one full six-week grading period. Special circumstances that affect a family will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the campus principal. Please note that if a student switches between Face-to-Face Learning and Virtual Learning, that student may not have the same teacher(s), course schedule, or extracurricular activity eligibility. Students will not be guaranteed assignment to their home campus. The campus assignment decisions will be based on staffing and grade level/course seat availability.

For current students, parents who want to enroll their child in Virtual Learning will complete the Virtual Learning commitment form no later than 11:59 p.m. on August 3.

If schools need to close

In the event of a school closure, students will remain at home and will engage in learning activities that are primarily delivered through Schoology. Daily student participation in the learning activities will be required. Instructional time will also be dedicated for independent learning activities. A structured schedule will be provided to students indicating required times for participation.

If students go to Short-Term Online Participate, a temporary virtual learning model, computer devices will be distributed from students’ home campuses for those students who need them.

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