Woman fights back with machete during Central Lubbock shooting

Woman fights back with machete during Central Lubbock shooting
Sharif Hakim and Rafiq Akubar (Source: LCDC)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Officers initially responded to 1500 block of 43rd in reference to shots fired.

While en route dispatch received a call to Grace Clinic (50th/University) stating a subject with a gunshot wound had been dropped off at this location.

A description of the vehicle that dropped the subject off was broadcast and the vehicle was located and stopped at 50th and Ave Q.

1500 Block of 43rd Street
1500 Block of 43rd Street (Source: KCBD)

While these calls were being dispatched another call came in at 6500 block of Ave T stating that two subjects entered their apartment and shot her husband.

Once officers were on scene of all calls it was determined that all calls were related to the shooting at 6500 block Ave T.

The investigation determined that the initial subject that was dropped off at Grace Clinic and the two occupants of the vehicle that dropped him off were the suspects involved in the shooting.

The victims advised that they were in their apartment when the subjects forcibly entered their apartment and began shooting at them.

The female victim defended both of them by striking the suspect with a machete. The suspects fled the scene and subsequently dropped off the one suspect at the hospital.

The victims believe the suspect may have accidentally shot himself during the incident.

Both subjects that suffered gunshots were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The arrestees were transported to the county jail.

At this time the suspect was being treated at UMC and will be transported to the Lubbock County Jail upon release.

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