Economic outlook of Snyder, Texas

KCBD 2020 CCT Snyder - Economic Outlook

SNYDER, Texas (KCBD) - Snyder’s economy thrives on oil and gas, wind and solar farming, cotton farming and dairy farming.

Snyder Mayor Tony Woffard says the economy struggles from time to time, but the people of Snyder continue to stay united and work hard, saying tough times only make them tougher.

Just like much of the country, business has slowed due to the pandemic, but Mayor Woffard says the community is still staying united and working hard toward the goal of being the “hub” outside of the “Hub City” despite current struggles.

“My hears is to grow the city - to make us a hub of the big country so that we’re a shining light.”

The community is doing what they have to do to grow.

“We’re to a point, I think, as a community where you know we’re just really getting sick and tired of this an all the other stuff we have to do, but we’re going to do what we have to do in order to get through this. Trust in God through the whole process. Being neighbors with our citizens, and just trying to stay optimistic."

Mayor Woffard added that times are tough but the Snyder community is tougher. He says the best part of Snyder is the people.

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