Brownfield Winery prides itself on West Texas roots

Updated: Jul. 30, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In 2015, Governor Greg Abbott designated Terry County as the official grape capital of Texas, a title that will last through 2025.

With the number of wineries rapidly increasing due to the ideal growing conditions on the High Plains, there is one winery in particular, located on West Main Street in Brownfield, that is proud of its West Texas roots.

“We aim to teach people how to drink the wine, how to taste it - and what it pairs well with,” said Mary Wilmeth, owner of Triple D Winery and Restaurant.

The Wilmeth’s plunge into the world of grapes was a bit unexpected.

“We were ready to retire,” Wilmeth said.

Their decision to get into the wine industry came after a suggestion from Mary’s brother-in-law.

“You need to plant a vineyard. When he said that, I knew our traveling days were over. So, we planted our vineyard. We planted 15 acres or so and we now have about 65 acres,” with six award-winning wines.

“We’ve won awards in California,” Wilmeth said.

But you may be surprised to hear where other well-known wine regions in the state actually get their grapes from.

“I want to say that almost 98-percent of the wines you taste in Fredericksburg come from the High Plains,” Wilmeth said.

A reality that has everything to do with their home-grown grapes.

“It’s just a sense of being Texas proud, I guess. And, you know, hey, this is ours.”

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