Down the rabbit hole at Krank Koffie Co. in Brownfield’s town square

KCBD 2020 CCT Brownfield - Krank Koffie

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Just a few steps away from Terry County Courthouse is Krank Koffie Company, but once you step into this coffee shop, you might just feel like Alice In Wonderland.

The building dates back to the early days of Brownfield, and for two and a half years, Cory And Dusty Caswell’s unique business has been serving residents and visitors in the town square. The building is just as unique as these shop owners.

“It used to be the old Sears building. It’s a bank built in 1903 and has been through many things since then,” Cory said.

Visitors to the Alice in Wonderland themed coffee shop can get food and drinks from Krank Koffie, Mad Hatter Pizzeria, and Krank Barbecue.

“We’re at 14,500 square foot to be redone. And we had no idea what we were going to do with the building when we first bought it,” Dusty said. “It’s become an adventure, and that’s where the Alice in Wonderland actually came into play. All the floor and all of the Alice stuff, it’s just because this is just one gigantic, falling down a rabbit hole adventure.”

The couple has big plans, wanting to utilize all the space they own.

“By the time we’re done with this, we’re going to have nine different businesses,” Dusty said. Those businesses include a boutique hotel, speakeasy bar in the basement, a hookah lounge, wine tasting room and even, a wedding venue.

“Once we’re finished, we’ll have a place with even a wedding chapel, so people can get married here,” Dusty said.

The Caswell’s say since Brownfield is on many major highways, they get visitors from all over the world.

“Most of our clientele is actually travelers because we’re on a state highway. So as people come through, we have had people from India. We had a couple last week that were from Australia. We’ve had people from Russia,” Dusty said.

They say they are trying to create something never seen before.

“It’s just that their reactions are amazing that they’ve never seen anything like this even in their big, big cities and across the world.

You can find more info on Krank Koffie Co. on their Facebook page, click here.

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