Lubbock group cleaning up Aztlan Park Friday morning, want to preserve area, meet new people

Friday morning cleanup at Aztlan Park

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Just west of Mackenzie Park and the Interstate, you’ll find Aztlan Park. And there, a Lubbock couple says, you’ll find trash that’s not supposed to be there, which is why they’re hosting a clean up for the public at 8 a.m. on Friday morning.

“Just on the side of the trail is a bunch of trash here and this is pretty much the condition every day every time I come here,” said Tavin Dotson.

Tavin Dotson is talking about the trash lingering in the trails amongst the trees and the creek. This area, he says, a lot of people don't know about.

“You know, it’s easy to pick up. If it’s hard to pick up, I may get in there,” said Tavin.

Tavin says he and his wife Melissa have picked up more than 100 pounds of trash there before. They say they want their new cleanup group, “The West Texas River Raiders.” to host a cleanup here because it’s one of their favorite spots with all of the vegetation and trees, and even a creek that makes it feel like somewhere other than Lubbock. They say all you need to do is bring gloves and a good attitude to make new friends.

“This is an important area to this part of the country because this is where people used to live,” said Tavin.

The couple says they want other people to enjoy the area and fish there like they do.

“I don’t like coming here and seeing shopping carts and plastic everywhere,” said Tavin.

“But there’s so much potential for this space to be used by everyone,” said Melissa.

They say they want to inspire the next generation, which they say has probably been stuck at home during the pandemic, to get outside and make a change.

“I have a natural resource management major from tech, so i’m really passionate about this sort of thing and preserving this area for future generations and wildlife because very few people know about the wildlife down here,” said Tavin.

There’s a GoFundMe started to help the group educate citizens of cleanups, stock the creek with fish, and buy more cleanup equipment.

The group is meeting at the Aztlan park near Avenue K and 1st street at 8 a.m. Tavin says remember to bring gloves. He said he will be providing trash bags, but if you want to bring more, that’s fine too.

To follow, their Facebook page for future clean ups and gatherings, click here.

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