City Manager says Levelland is ‘open for business’

KCBD 2020 CCT Levelland - Economic Outlook

LEVELLAND, Texas (KCBD) - The Levelland economy largely depends on agriculture, crops such as grain, grapes, peanuts, cotton and energy production.

With the current drought across the South Plains, and repercussions from the pandemic, it’s been a slow year in Levelland, but City Manager Erik Rejino says there’s plenty of commercial interest in the area and the city has plenty of growth to look forward to.

“We’ve definitely sharpened our pencil, we’ve been able to still move some projects forward. Fortunately not all of our funds were impacted as negatively due to COVID-19 so we’ve been able to move Levelland forward. We’re still very busy on the commercial side and we continue to see new interest in Levelland and its development.”

He also added that being right down the road from the Hub City doesn’t hurt either.

“I think we definitely benefit from Lubbock growing as much as they have. The other part of that is Levelland is open for business. We have a lot of great incentive programs in Levelland. you’ll notice as you drive into town and biotech is coming on board with building a manufacturing plant, Braum’s Ice Cream is building here, so there’s just a lot of interest in Levelland. It’s a great place to do business in, raise a family in, and you can get that small town quality of life, but you’re still down the road from a really nice metropolitan area.”

Rejino says the city is looking foward to the future, particularly the price of oil increasing and seeing an end to COVID-19.

The city of Levelland saw $6 million in building permits in 2017.

That has more than doubled every year sine then.

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