Levelland ISD prepares to reopen classrooms on Aug. 19

KCBD 2020 CCT Levelland - Levelland ISD

LEVELLAND, Texas (KCBD) - The Levelland Lobos are due back at school on Aug 19.

After releasing students from class after Spring Break due to COVID-19, Levelland ISD provided a survey to parents asking if they would prefer their child go back to school virtually or in a classroom in the fall.

Superintendent Jeff Northern says the “overwhelming majority” want their kids in the classroom, but virtual learning will still be an option.

Northern assures parents that no matter what the fall semester looks like during the pandemic, Levelland ISD students will receive the same care and education they’ve always known.

“We have a common vision and that vision is to move our kids forward as much as we possibly can and make sure they’re prepared for a world outside of Levelland ISD,” Northern said. “So as long as we keep that at the forefront, I know that our kids will be taken care of. I can’t praise our administration, our faculty, our staff enough - our kiddos and our community. Our community is very supportive.”

Northern says they’re eager to have students back on campus and have worked long and hard to make classrooms safe for returning Lobos.

“We have spent a massive amount of time developing a plan that we think fits our constituants and our stakeholders. Obviously that plan has been like trying to hit a moving target. Things are changing frequently, but we have developed a plan that we feel very confident in.”

The school district has six campuses and serves almost 3,000 students.

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