Renovations continue at Levelland’s Wallace Theatre

KCBD 2020 CCT Levelland - Wallace Theatre

LEVELLAND, Texas (KCBD) - The original Wallace Theatre was built in 1925. The second or “new” Wallace Theatre was built in 1928, and that theatre is the one still being renovated today.

The Wallace closed down in the '80s, but was purchased by Levelland locals George and Iris Keeling in 2002.

Since then, steady renovations have been going on at the theatre.

They may not be noticeable to the eye, but these changes are structural, not cosmetic.

The Wallace Board of Directors and Levelland community have big dreams for the historic building, what was once just a small town theatre.

Alycyn Keeling said, "You're going to be able to experience incredible performances, unique performances. We want to be the space that brings arts and performances like you can't experience anywhere else. Our community has been without a theater for 30 years and we want to provide those experiences again.

Alycyn says they hope to host films, theatre performances, art shows, TED talks and more.

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