Isolated storms through Saturday night

KCBD Weather at 10 for Aug. 1

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - We’ve got a few more chances to get some rain in before the heat turns on again. At least this time, it won’t be as dramatic as the July heat wave.

We’ll continue to see a few isolated storms pop up until the sun goes down Saturday night.

The main threats out of these will be some locally strong wind gusts, like we saw earlier near Lake Alan Henry. Then, once this activity wanes, our attention will turn to the west, and the nightly… will the rain make it or not?

Last few nights, some communities closer to the border of New Mexico, like Morton and Plains, have been able to take advantage of seeing those mountain storms/showers before they completely fall apart. Chances of them making it as far as Lubbock are very slim, but not non-existant.

Sunday into Sunday night will be our best chance of rain for at least the next week.

Storms will look to develop a little closer to home in Eastern New Mexico and the Panhandle. With the general north west winds above us, that’ll help push those storms south. Much like the nightly mountains storms, except earlier on, so they could have some daylight to work with and be a bit stronger.

So, while not expecting widespread severe weather, we may have to watch out for a few warnings that will mostly be tied to severe wind gusts. Then the question also becomes is how solid will the line of storms be when it arrives to the South Plains. It’s looking a little more solid on today’s model runs, so that will increase the chances that your individual community will see the rain. It it ends up being broken up, the fewer of us will see those showers. After it passes, we might see some showers in its wake through the early morning hours Monday.

After that though, the dyanamics change above us, another ridge tries to set in, and we’ll have several days where we are flirting with and sometimes cross that 100 degree mark. It won’t be as oppressive or long lasting as what the heat wave was a few weeks ago, more like a reminder that temperatures this time of year can definitely still get got hot on us should Mother Nature choose.

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