Texas Tech opens free testing site for faculty, staff, and students, must pre-register

Texas Tech hosting COVID-19 testing site

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Texas Tech University has opened up its own COVID-19 testing site in the north parking lot of the Texas Tech Museum for students, faculty, and staff ahead of school opening up.

“This is important to us because prior to the beginning of school, you want to make sure that parents and students who are concerned of health in our programs and in our dormitories have the opportunity to get tested before the beginning of the semester,” said Texas Tech’s Vice President for Texas Tech University, Joe Heppert.

The site is sponsored by the Texas Department of Emergency Management and is voluntary and free, but you must pre-register.

“In this case, this is really sentinel screening. We’re looking at the broad population- anybody who chooses to go to the testing because of course one of the things we understand is that not everybody who carries COVID-19 carries symptoms.”

The site closes August 24, but after that, Heppert says students will have the opportunity get tested at the Student Health Center if they believe they’ve been exposed.

If you have additional COVID-19 related questions, please send them to covid19@ttu.edu or call the COVID-19 hotline at (806) 742-5929.

To register, go to https://texas.curativeinc.com/welcome.

To learn more how Texas Tech is reopening, visit http://www.ttu.edu/commitment/

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