Lubbock ISD making accommodations as special needs students return

Updated: Aug. 10, 2020 at 10:51 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD is welcoming back students with special needs to a virtual or on-campus classroom.

Special Services Executive Director Kami Finger, says the department is continuing to get organized to make sure that everyone is set up to succeed.

Finger says special needs students make up 13 percent of the LISD student body.

“We have about 850 kids who signed up for virtual,” Finger said.

“I would say that we are extremely excited to see our students’ faces and to be able to look them in their eyes and see how they’re doing and assess them and see where they are.”

She says students who signed up for virtual learning will sit down with teachers in the special services department to come up with a contingency plan, which includes making accommodations for students, understanding what learning from home will look like.

“What needs are there and how much we care about them and their future and getting them to reach their best potential.”

Everyone’s plan is different because everyone’s services are different.

“For example if you’re a parent whose child is receiving resource and inclusion services, their student could be in the secondary school taking an online course. Our special education teachers will login at the same time and provide services to that student.”

Finger says it’s possible for some students to listen in on an in-class learning session or virtual teachers will have their own virtual classrooms. It all depends.

Students have the option of switching back to in-class learning after the nine-week grading period and at that point, the independent learning plan that was discussed will be reinstated.

“But a contingency plan will be built for virtual students but it will also be built for those students who if they have the quarantine or if we see a micro closure.”

Just like in the on-campus classroom, virtual teachers will be assigned students according to grade level, type of service and instructional level.

“Our number one priority in special services department is to serve our campuses and empower them, but also ensuring our families and students, if there are barriers, to figure them out and get them knocked out and treat every single one of them with integrity. I would just say it’s most important for our students to feel they can come back in the classroom and make sure they have the tools necessary to be successful.”

Finger asks parents to register their children if they haven’t done it already and to contact your feeder pattern coordinator if you have questions, to make sure the student is all set up for the year.

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