More Heat Headed This Way

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) -We returned to the 100 and plus range with afternoon temperatures for the South Plains today. That included Lubbock with a high of 100 degrees at the airport.

Unfortunately, it will be at or above 100 degrees through the week with some possible lower temps coming up this weekend.

So, with that in mind remember to drink frequently, find shade and air conditioning when working outside; avoid activity during the afternoon, if possible and don’t leave anything in your automobile.

The afternoon highs in the 100 range means that temperatures will be about 8-10 degrees above normal for August. Also, nighttime lows will stay above normal as well with morning temps in the low to mid 70s.

Rain is not completely out of the forecast, but anything that develops will likely be isolated and not produce any significant rainfall. However, it may provide some clouds and a brief cool-down.

If you’re an astronomy type, the Perseid meteor shower will peak during the early morning hours on Wednesday. I have more details on my KCBD and personal facebook pages.

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