Mayor continues asking those who do not feel well to get tested

Mayor continues asking those who do not feel well to get tested
City of Lubbock COVID-19 news conference 08/12/2020

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - On Wednesday, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope asked those who do not feel well to not hesitate to get tested.

"You need to get tested if you've been exposed and have the symptoms.Get tested. Please get tested."

More than a dozen sites and clinics around the Hub City have resulted in the more than 78,000 tests so far.

The Mayor also highlighted the drive-thru site at Texas Tech University for staff and students, saying he hopes that is used, and encouraged the public to check their high school’s websites and social media in case they begin to offer testing sites.

He said the positivity rate for the past 7 days is around 9.7 percent, saying it's a good thing.

Katherine Wells took the reins when asked about if a student were to have a positive case when schools start again, saying it depends on how many people are exposed.

“If all of the children in the classroom are wearing masks and the teacher is wearing a mask, if there’s a positive child, most likely it will be like any other disease and that child would have to go home. We would be watching that child closely but there’s no reason right now to close a classroom if everyone is wearing a mask,” Wells said, saying everything will be on a case-by-case basis and the school members will be notified if a case occurs.

Katherine Wells also reminded the public of the point of getting tested, adding it’s to see if someone has Covid-19 and not to see if they have recovered from it.

“You cannot just test your way out of it. If you have an exposure, you need to stay at home for those 14 days and you cannot just go and get a test at day 5 or day 6 and say, ‘I’m cured.’ You could develop Covid the next day or two and infect others.”

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