Lubbock’s Red Cross prepares for Hurricane Laura

Response teams ready in case of deployment

Red Cross prepares for Hurricane Laura

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Members of the Texas South Plains American Red Cross, based in Lubbock, are prepared to help those affected by Hurricane Laura.

The hurricane is expected to make landfall Wednesday and pass through parts of Texas and Louisiana quickly.

And the potential for severe damage has many with the Red Cross getting ready to head to the affected areas.

“There will be a lot of devastation wrecked upon Texas as the storm sweeps through,” Gov. Greg Abbott said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Anticipating the storm, volunteers with the Red Cross in Lubbock have been checking who is available. That is in case they need to be deployed.

Volunteers have also been planning for extra COVID-19 precautions. One way is by making more shelter space around the organization’s response trailers.

“Now we have to configure the trailer for two-50-person shelters, instead of one-100-person shelter,” Brad Larson, a volunteer in Lubbock, said.

That also means less people will be deployed. Now, only those who are trained to physically help out in disaster areas will respond.

Case workers who only open cases and speak with people will now work remotely. That is in an effort to minimize the possibility of exposing others to the virus.

“(It) also allows them to access experts in many areas who might not be able to leave to go somewhere,” Linn Behling Hughes, volunteer recruitment lead, said.

And as the volunteers working with the program ready themselves for possible deployment, the need for more help is still there. The Red Cross is still asking for volunteers.

The organization also continues to asks for donations for response trips.

Donations can be made online, by mail or calling at 806-765-8534

But the easiest donation is by giving money.

“With money we can go buy things like water and ship it directly there,” Larson said, “and we can buy it a lot less expensive.”

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