Showers and lower temps

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) -After several days of slightly lower than normal afternoon temps, it was above normal this afternoon with a high of 88 degrees in Lubbock.

The normal afternoon high is 84 degrees in Lubbock and the low temp averages 59 degrees for mid-September.

As for Thursday, it will be cooler due to a change to north and northeast winds of 10-20 mph and a few more clouds.

Scattered showers and thundershowers developed over the South Plains this afternoon, but will likely be gone by 10 to midnight. Some folks could receive a nice rain, but most of the showers will be light and short-lived.

Another round of similar showers will develop around 2-3pm Thursday and dissipate around 7-8 pm.

The afternoon temperatures will remain around the low 80s from Friday through the weekend.

Our nighttime lows will be cooler starting tomorrow and remain in the mid 50s until early next week.

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