South Plains College and Lubbock Christian University proud of campus’ response to COVID-19

LCU and SPC proud of campuses during COVID-19

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - South Plains College and Lubbock Christian University have seen COVID-19 cases on their campuses and both schools say they are pleased with the way faculty, students and staff are handling the pandemic.

President of Lubbock Christian University, Scott McDowell, says the University has seen 30 active cases out of 2,100 total students and faculty.

“You know, you don’t want any cases, but we knew that we would have cases and so I feel very good about the protocols we got in place,” said McDowell.

He says most students have been quarantined in designated places on campus but there are some off-campus housing spaces that have not been used yet.

“Sometimes we get a little bit of frustration with that because we’ll move somebody across campus, but we’re trying to protect the students that don’t have it.”

McDowell says simple protocols such as social distancing in classrooms, wearing masks, and encouraging good hand sanitation have kept numbers of COVID-19 cases at bay and says their already small classroom sizes helps as well.

He added some professors are moving classes outside every once in a while and changes to dining hall services have helped to keep people on campus safe.

“And so simple things like the staff serving the food rather than students serving themselves in a buffet line, things like that and and the way that the food prep is done, so that things can be put out in advance rather than, you know, things being touched. So it’s little things even to the control of handing you an individual cup for you to go fill up instead of you taking it off the stack.”

Overall, McDowell says everyone is being compliant and is grateful for this.

“They are so grateful to be back together. There’s a strong mental health benefit to students being able to be together in community. And so our faculty, staff, students, everyone together has pulled together, to be able to make this face-to-face work. And so far, everything that we have anticipated is materialized and they’ve done a great job of executing the right protocols.”

Over at South Plains College, President Dr. Robin Satterwhite said out of the 8,877 students, 29 students have COVID-19, as of September 16.

“Most students live off campus but, we have set aside 32 beds in apartment-style residence halls with exterior openings to the outside,” explained Dr. Satterwhite. But he said no one is currently using it.

“We’re delighted that it’s not being used. We couldn’t have better news that actually our student population is very healthy, at this point in time. And we feel good about having those options available in the event for students who need it.”

He said other protocols in place to help keep people safe across their campuses include teachers providing self-evaluation forms everyday to the school, the mandate of wearing face masks, making changes in dining hall services and more.

“We increased spacing in classrooms to reduce the number of students in a classroom at any given time which has required us to do give hybrid opportunities as well.”

Dr. Satterwhite mentioned some band and ensemble classes have chosen to move outdoors.

“I would give us an A plus. I think we have done an outstanding job at South Plains College," said Dr. Satterwhite. “First and foremost, we tried to be there for our students as much as we could. We opened up our offices as early as we could, made ourselves available to all of the student services students needed, helped them register and prepare for class but we did that in a safe way.”

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