Reactions to first presidential debate on Tuesday

Reactions to first Presidential debate

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Tuesday’s first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was watched by tens of millions of Americans, including members from both parties in Lubbock, who were confident about the stance of their candidates.

At Hillcrest Country Club, more than 125 local Republicans showed up to a watch-party. Cole Shooter, the Lubbock County Republican Chairman says re-electing President Trump will keep the government small.

“And in times like this, who is the true leader? The lifelong politician who says, ‘We need to make all of these changes’ and got elected in 1972 or do we have the businessman who has been successful who wants to help our country be successful as well?”

Shooter says he expects voters in Lubbock to vote red.

“Let’s face it because we know what to do with our money and time more than the government does, so I think that what we really want to hear in West Texas is… how about we just get some good government, small government and by and large, just leave us alone.”

Shooter complimented Donald Trump on his leadership.

“He’s led billion-dollar businesses. He’s moved a lot of deals through and ultimately that is kind of what his position is... dealing-making.”

There was no watch-party for Lubbock Democrats due to COVID-19, but earlier today, Mike Collier, the Senior Advisor for Texas for the Joe Biden campaign, made rounds across West Texas to push for the Democratic candidate.

“He’s not going to ban fracking. He’s going to invest in renewables but that should come as welcome news to this part of the state. He’s not going to ban fracking. His health care plan is a very sensible plan. If you like your health care plan, keep it. If you cannot afford it, which many people cannot anymore, then there are ways to buy into Medicare, which I think is a very sensible plan.”

Collier says Tuesday’s debates will be a big deal for voters to pick who they want to see in office for the next four years.

“If I had to boil it down tonight, you will find that Joe Biden is just a decent person who is not divisive. His policies are very pragmatic. They’re good for families. He is not a socialist. He is not going to ban fracking or take away guns or God or any of that. He’s a good family man, a Christian, a Catholic, compassionate, empathetic with very sensible policies.”

“All I ask any fellow American is to think carefully about the person you’re about to elect.”

The Vice Presidential Debate will be on October 7 in Salt Lake City. The next Presidential Debate will be on October 15 in Miami.

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