Mayor condemns racism, white supremacy after ‘racially motivated’ materials left in Lubbock driveways

Mayor condemns racist messages

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope condemned racism and white supremacy after racist messages were found in driveways overnight:

“LPD was informed this morning of racially motivated materials dropped off overnight on driveways in north and northwest Lubbock. These actions are reprehensible and not representative of our city and West Texas values. I strongly condemn all forms of racism and white supremacy.”

Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman Cole Shooter also condemned the messages, saying: “I strongly condemn the hateful messages that are being spread. It goes against everything we believe in as Republicans. We believe in individual freedoms, rights, and equal justice for all, regardless of a person’s race or creed. The party of Lincoln has always stood against racial violence and hatred and continues to do so today.”

LPD issued this statement on Saturday:

Provided by Lubbock Police Department

The Lubbock Police Department has received numerous reports from citizens describing “racially motivated” materials left on driveways of Lubbock residences overnight.

Officers responded to several calls from citizens in north and northwest Lubbock and collected the materials, which include plastic bags containing rocks and flyers, due to the citizens' concerns with the content.

LPD has made contact with local, state and federal partners to notify them that these materials are being distributed in our area. The distribution of these materials is not a criminal act.

Anyone who received materials or has information or video regarding these materials being dispersed is encouraged to report it to LPD by calling (806) 775-2865.

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