Lubbock ISD virtual teacher shares lessons he’s learned this school year

Lubbock ISD virtual teacher shares lessons he’s learned this school year

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD says they will continue virtual learning for the rest of the school year, as other surrounding districts such as Lubbock-Cooper and Roosevelt ISD announced they would no longer provide online education.

The last day for parents to decide how their child will learn was Friday. At this time, Lubbock ISD has not released how many students will go virtual or transition back to the classrooms.

Fifth grade teacher Andrew Campama has six years of experience, but nothing like virtual learning before. He has 120 students from six different campuses.

Campama said the traditional face-to-face connection is replaced with a sneak peak of a child’s home life.

“Personal favorite is when kids show and tell their pets unprompted, so you will get a dog, or a cat or a little brother that shows up or a little sister that pops up in the background. Those little things, you get a glimpse of where that kid is from, their situations," Campama said.

A child’s situation depends on a parent’s prerogative, so Campama said a relationship with parents is important to a child’s education.

“So they appreciate as much contact as we can give them. If grades are slipping, or missing assignments, or even if your kids is doing amazing. Ive made some positive comments and I’ve heard parents say I’ve never gotten one of these before, I really appreciate that," Campama said.

Overall, Campama is excited to take these online lessons to future face-to-face classrooms.

“This has been an absolutely career changing thing for me. The technology and all the innovative things I have done to reach kids virtually. When I do get to go back to the classroom those are all tools I get to take back and help them,” Campama said.

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