Medication Clean Out Disposes of more than Just Drugs

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 4:22 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s time for the Fall Medication Clean-Out at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

You might think... Why do we need so many of these?

Jeannie Jaramillo, Pharm.D., works at the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy in Amarillo. That’s where she also serves as Director of the Texas Panhandle Poison Control Center. She says they see reasons every day why we need to make an effort like this to reduce the risk of poisoning and overdose.  She explains, “We’ve had teens who get into the medicine cabinet after having a bad day at school and they end up dying because there were medicines available that could have been disposed of.  we also have small children who are poisoned every day from medicines that were left out -that the children got into.”

So you are asked to go through your medicine cabinet and put unused or expired drugs in a bag so the professionals can dispose of them properly.

Jeannie says you can mark out your name on the prescription for privacy but be sure to leave the name of the medication easy to read because all those drugs wil need to be sorted so that the narcotics can be disposed of separately.

Then you just drive through the parking lot of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Saturday between 10 and 2 and officials will come to your car.

But be sure to wear a mask.

Jeannie adds there is something else you can dispose of Saturday to protect the community from drugs getting into the wrong hands.  She says, “If they are a diabetic and take insulin injection, they can bring those syringes for disposal. If they take allergy shots, we will take those for disposal as well  and we ask that they put those in a hard plastic container like a bleach bottle or a laundry detergent bottle.”

Also, don’t forget your pets...

The Medication Cleanout welcomes old or unused *pet medications as well.

Look for yard signs along 4th street on Saturday to explain what entrance you should use to drive in to the Fall Medication Clean-Out.

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