End Zone Player Profile: Mason Eaker

Shallowater Mustang Mason Eaker facing tough decision

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With effects from the Coronavirus expected to linger, decisions for high school seniors like Mason Eaker are even more difficult this year.

Eaker grew up around sports and has been playing for as long as he can remember. So growing up, he thought it would be easy to try his hand at becoming a coach and finding a career that would keep him on the sidelines.

“I wanted to be a coach for a long time, but I’ve seen a lot with what coaches have to deal with," he said. "So I figured I’d just go with something else and kind of thought about that this past year.”

A conversation with his head coach, Bryan Wood, also helped shape his perception of the job.

Wood said, “He’s one of those kids that sees everything that goes on around. He, one time said to me you know, what’s the worst thing that you know goes on as a coach. He’s kind of intuitive. He’s wanting to; he’s intrigued about being a coach, so we had a good conversation and he said he didn’t know he could do that with the parents that you have to deal with and having to depend on 16-year-old kids. There’s just certain things you just got to roll on through. And it doesn’t surprise me he’s decided not to do that.”

Instead, over the last couple of months, Eaker has decided to pursue an occupation in line with his other passion, searching for a job in the growing field of agriculture. Recently, he’s looked into studying windmills and the wind energy program at Texas Tech.

“There’s a lot of windmills down around the south, too, that I’ve been around. I’ve always thought they were kind of interesting and I thought it might be an interesting job to pursue.”

He’s spoken about his decision with his family and family friends who are knowledgeable about the industry. He’s still only a month in to his decision, so he’s still has a lot to learn about the major and people to inform on his choice.

“I didn’t realize that’s what he wanted to do, but I know this," said Coach Wood. "If that’s what he decided to do, he’s going to be real dang good at it. Just because whatever he puts his mind to, he’s all in on everything. So it wouldn’t matter what profession he decides he’s going to pursue, he’ll be successful at it for sure.”

When Eaker isn’t on the football field or in a gym playing basketball, he likes to spend his days outside. Whether that be out on the water, hunting in the fields, or working on a farm, it’s just another part of who he is.

“People know I like to be outside. I wouldn’t want to work an office job," he said. "I’ve been around agricultural stuff; that wind energy stuff is around that. Being outdoors and stuff.”

While Coach Wood wasn’t aware of his decision to pursue this field, he knows a lot of his players and kids in the area enjoy adventuring outdoors.

He said, “I think all these kids around here are outdoorsy. We’ve got a bunch of kids that’ll go hunting every chance they get or they’re going to be out doing something outdoors, and that’s a good trait to have these days. We have a bunch of kids that are that way and it wouldn’t surprise me that that’s Mason’s passion as well.”

Eaker is currently finishing his application to apply for the wind energy major at Texas Tech, but he’s also applying to the AG business program at Texas State.

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