City of Lubbock talks about COVID outbreaks in local nursing homes

City of Lubbock talks about COVID outbreaks in local nursing homes

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City Of Lubbock said they are seeing high death rates and an outbreak of coronavirus cases in nursing and rehabilitation facilities. Family and friends were allowed to start visiting loved ones in the facilities back on September 24th. Now some Lubbock County facilities are seeing a high number of positive COVID-19 cases in its residents.

“At some point, I think last week, we probably had at least 100 nursing home residents currently positive with COVID. That number has continued to grow this week,” said Public Health Director, Katherine Wells.

Wells said a spike in overall numbers is fueling another outbreak in nursing homes. “So we’re continuing to provide support,” said Wells.

Places like The Slaton Care Center, now reporting more than 60 active cases.

“That’s a facility we’re actively working with,” Wells said. “we have a nurse that’s in regular communication and I believe they’re working on getting the entire facility tested here.”

A dangerous situation that Wells said begins out in the community. “We were worried with the increased number of COVID positive, just people in general, throughout our community, that we would begin to see this moving into those nursing home facilities,” said Wells.

Once the virus is inside these facilities, it spreads fast and is hard to stop.

“Once it gets into these vulnerable populations, and you start getting positive residents, then you start getting more positive employees. And residents can infect other residents so it can move into a facility very quickly,” said Wells. Sadly, claiming more lives this month: 39 deaths in 21 days. “A significant number of the deaths that we’ve seen in the last week or two have been associated with nursing homes,” said Wells.

Wells said they are also increasing the amount of testing done in these facilities.

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