‘My heart dropped’: Neighbors recall plane falling into their backyard

‘My heart dropped’: Neighbors recall plane falling into their backyard
One killed in plane crash on 38th and Ave. A (Source: Viewer photo)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Monday evening a small plane crashed into a backyard on Avenue A and 37th street in Lubbock.

The pilot of the small aircraft died in the accident, however no one on the ground was injured.

Joseph Diaz, a life long resident along Avenue A, was having a typical cold day when he suddenly heard a loud boom and his house shook.

“I was just chilling having a normal day then I just hear a crash and like my TV shook,” Diaz said. “Stuff fell from the top of the bookshelf.”

Diaz said his heart dropped when he thought about his grandmother next door. He worried she might have been impacted by the boom.

“I run out and I see her coming out and then I see all this black smoke coming from her house. Just like this huge heavy cloud of smoke," Diaz said.

Fortunately, his grandmother and the elderly woman two doors down were safe.

The plane crashed in a nearby backyard. The woman who owns that property was confused about the loud noise.

“She was like ‘I’m fine, I’m fine,’ but she didn’t even know it was in her back yard," Diaz said.

Only a few yards from her house, a pile of rubble and smoke were left of the small plane.

“The plane was just there in the smoke. There is a little fire then one of the wings fell and all this fire comes out and its all scary. Like, it was more or less a movie feeling, but it was all just so scary,” Diaz said.

FAA and NTSB are investigating and will likely release their results within 30 days.

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