One Class At A Time: Christ the King Cathedral School teacher, Nurturing Center awarded $500

One Class At A Time: Christ the King Cathedral School teacher, Nurturing Center awarded $500

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Christ the King Cathedral School teacher and coach Matthew Hoelscher is the third 2020-2021 recipient of KCBD’s One Class At A Time $500 donation and recognition sponsored by Frontier Dodge and Spirit Chrysler.

“I think that personally it’s rewarding and at the same time it’s humbling,” Hoelscher said. “What I do here, I do it with everybody. It’s a community. Christ the King really is more familial than just going to a job and working.”

At the private school Hoelscher teaches and coaches at a variety of grade levels, subjects and sports. He’s spent five years at Christ the King, starting as a substitute teacher.

“I think that we all want to get on a big stage and put a performance on that changes everybody,” Hoelscher told KCBD. “I’ve learned over the years that I’ve been doing this that it’s not about that. It’s about helping people to change themselves and to be faithful to God, so that they can go and be on that stage. I try hard, you know, but when it comes down to it, I couldn’t do it by myself. Honestly, the people that nominated me are the people that helped me. They’re the true structure of what being a teacher is all about.”

The program gives the teacher a chance to choose a charity or non-profit organization that will also receive $500. Hoelscher chose Lubbock’s Nurturing Center, which provides free pregnancy support services.

“Anything from clothes to diapers, wipes, anything that a mom needs, we basically tell every mom that if you come in and you are a client of ours, we will help you 100 percent during the first year of your pregnancy,” Operations Manager Ellie Contreras said. “We’ll also, when you have a baby, we also give you about 80 items right before the baby is born.”

Contreras told KCBD the Nurturing Center also provides things such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and parenting classes, which are mostly online during the pandemic. She suspects the donation will be used to purchase some of the free items for babies such as mittens, thermometers and pacifiers.

“I know that, like Matt doing a great job educating children, I have the opportunity to help young women who are in need of any kind of assistance during their pregnancy,” Contreras said. “I really appreciate that we can do that. To me, we are ministry. We’re not just a support center. We’re definitely a ministry to be out there and just to make a difference in these young women’s lives.”

Coach Hoelscher aims to have his students and athletes carry forward more than their education when they move on in their lives.

“I always want them to leave with faith, faith that God has a plan for you, that you are unique and I hope that my life’s experiences are able to help teach that to them,” Hoelscher said. “Then, just never give up.”

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