Lubbock native joins Kelly Clarkson’s team, discusses success on The Voice

Lubbock native joins Kelly Clarkson’s team, discusses success on The Voice

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Kelsie Watts credits Lubbock as the place she found her voice. Now, it’s being heard across the country on Season 19 of NBC’s The Voice.

“Lubbock is my hometown,” Watts told KCBD. “I get so excited because, yeah, I live in Nashville and it’s really great, but Lubbock is my home.”

Watts, 29, attended Frenship ISD and Texas Tech University. Both places gave her an opportunity to pursue her passion.

“Lubbock had a part in molding it for sure,” Watts said. “I was in college at Tech for about a year and a half and was able to do some really cool productions. That’s where I did opera. I did all-state choir through high school. I trained with people at Tech to do all these different types of competitions that I hadn’t done before.”

Musical talent runs in Watts' family, including her brother who she lost to suicide when she was just 21. Watts had transferred to Belmont University in Nashville and eventually ended up on a showboat on which she currently performs.

“I did a lot of studio work and a lot of corporate gigs,” Watts said. “It was then that I started to discover you don’t have to be famous to do music for a living.”

She tells KCBD that the connections she has made along the way presented the chance to audition for The Voice. She’s been in similar circumstances and almost didn’t accept the invitation.

“I get to the same interview point every time and then I’m not cast,” Watts said. “The only reason I did it is because my husband, Brandon, was like, ‘Kelsie, just do it. Expect great things.’ Thank God I did. I went to audition for the producers and they put me on the show.”

But, she still had to audition for the judges, including Kelly Clarkson. She decided to perform one of Clarkson’s songs, I Dare You.

“Part of the reason I chose the song was just out of my love for her,” Watts said. “Her music also sits in the perfect place in my voice, nine times out of 10. So, I knew that would be a great fit. But also, I had to figure out a way to stand out because everybody on this show is talented. Everybody can sing.”

Clarkson and Gwen Stefani both turned their chairs in a desire to include Watts on their team of singers. Watts ended up choosing to be on Team Kelly.

“Honestly, sometimes you just got to be risky,” Watts said. “I was like, I got to show them everything I got, because I have one shot. It paid off. But, it was terrifying.”

The show will soon move into the battle rounds where singers go head-to-head and some will be eliminated from the show before The Voice begins its live shows in December.

“We’re about to get to show you really awesome, fun things: who we were paired up against, what song we sang, who the mentor was," Watts said. “There’s a lot of really awesome things I can’t talk about, like specifics. But, it was an amazing opportunity. I had a blast. I met some really incredible people. Yes, the battle rounds are up next. I’m excited.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on KCBD.

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