Staff quarantines cause UMC to divert patients

Staff quarantines cause UMC to divert patients
University Medical Center is one of two hospitals in Lubbock and around the South Plains that has the capacity to treat patients with COVID-19. (Source: Michael Cantu KCBD)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - University Medical Center is diverting patients to other hospitals in the area because its does not have enough staff members to treat patients.

In a report issued Wednesday, the hospital said it diverted 19 patients within a 24-hour period as of 8 a.m. There are a total of 495 beds and only 44 are available.

However, hospital has 190 staff members who are quarantined. That means there are not enough staff members to tend to all patients.

As of the last COVID update from the City of Lubbock, there was a total of 271 patients who were hospitalized in both UMC and Covenant Health. Of those patients, 68 were in the Intensive Care Unit.

UMC has not given a timeline on when its diversion will end.

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