West Texas winds and above normal temperatures expected

KCBD Weather at 10 for Sunday, Nov. 8

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Fall West Texas winds will stay active today, and as on schedule, a touch more than yesterday. In fact, those winds will stick around for much of the next few days. You didn’t think we’d get out of Fall without a few windy days, did you? Granted, days like these won’t be anything special compared to what we’re used to. And if your susceptible to problems related to a bit of dust blowing around, Monday will be the day you’ll need to watch out for.

Temperatures will still remain above normal for today and tomorrow, with all the South Plains into the 70s today and tomorrow. A weak front will swing through Monday night into Tuesday, and our temperatures for the rest of the week, except for Wednesday, will remain in the 60s. That front will be dry, so when will our next rain chance be.

Well, at this time, we are going to keep Friday dry, but it is a day we’re watching. Models are trying to come together, return some moisture to the South Plains, and break out some showers. We still have our doubts about this though as there is still a lot working against those chances.

But you’ll want to be keeping an eye on it, especially you folks from the 4A and below schools that have made the playoffs! Congratulations!

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