City leaders asking Lubbock to keep Thanksgiving small this year

Updated: Nov. 18, 2020 at 8:38 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In Wednesday’s city news conference, city leaders asked the public to make wise decisions on Thanksgiving, encouraging smaller groups with immediate family members that you live with and even encouraging a virtual holiday to help slow the spread and the skyrocketing hospital numbers.

“The good citizens of Lubbock, we are in trouble,” said Dr. Ron Cook, our local health authority.

City leaders said Thanksgiving has to look different this year.

“We have got to stop the spread of the virus and most viral spread is in small groups, especially small-type groups not wearing masks and mostly around food. The CDC, and what I recommend, are no groups larger than ten,” said Dr. Cook.

Dr. Cook added even at Thanksgiving, wear a mask and social distance particularly away from people who do not live in your household.

Councilwoman Latrelle Joy asked the public to not let anyone travel from other places to here, saying we are a hotspot right now: “We have got to avoid those large groups where we do not know where people have been and so if you will keep it close to home with the people that you know, then perhaps we can make this work. We cannot forget the elderly people who have been in their homes and have no where to go for long periods of time.”

She says to consider a virtual holiday if you miss your extended family and stay in small groups.

“You can Snapchat, you can Facebook. There are a lot of ways to communicate with family during this time.”

“Nothing shows that you care more for others than by wearing a mask and social distancing,” said Dr. Cook.

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