Spring-like this afternoon, a “mild” Thanksgiving

News at Noon - Weather, Nov. 24

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Weather this afternoon will be more typical of March or April. It will be windy. It will be dusty. It will be warm for the time of year. Here’s the outlook for the remainder of the Thanksgiving Holiday Week. (UPDATED 11:57 AM CST)

Blowing dust is likely and areas of reduced visibility possible through sunset. Sustained speeds this afternoon may approach 30 to 40 mph with gusts near 55 mph in the viewing area.

A Wind Advisory, issued by the National Weather Service, is in effect from 11 AM to 6 PM CST.

Temperatures will peak in the low 60s in the far northwestern viewing area to the mid-70s in the far southeast.

Though less windy, a cold front will keep our winds gusty this evening. Behind the front winds will gradually diminish after midnight. Lubbock will drop to around freezing.

Dry, sunny, and less wind Wednesday. Temperatures will begin cold, near freezing in the Lubbock vicinity. Highs will range from near 60 to 65 degrees. Peak winds will range from about 10 to 20 mph.

There will be a chill in the air Thursday morning. Lows will range from the mid-30s to low 40s.

Mostly sunny with a very breezy and seasonably warm Thanksgiving afternoon. It will be, however, chilly in the breeze.

A cold front moving through the area will result in a wide range in high temperatures. Temperatures in the far northwestern KCBD viewing area may peak in the mid-60s while the far southeastern viewing area may see upper 70s.

My Thanksgiving Day forecast high for Lubbock is 74°. The City’s average high for the date is 59°.

Some very light showers may move in behind the Thanksgiving cold front. However, and that’s a significant however... based on today’s data the chance of precipitation is slim and any amount (if any) would likely be under 0.05 inch.

It will be colder Friday through Sunday. Lubbock low temperatures will be near or below freezing and high temperatures low to mid-50s.

If you are trying to determine the best time this week to decorate outside, it may be Wednesday afternoon. That should be the mildest weather until next week.

If you don’t mind cold/chilly, overcast, and possibly damp weather, check out my forecast for Saturday.

If wind is not a consideration, then Thursday afternoon might be in the running. Again, check out my forecast for any day in the forecast section here on our Weather Page (or in our KCBD Weather App - it’s free in your app store).

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